About our project

Create the link between financial information and physical resources

The project started with a video of Dee BOERSMA named Accounting for externalities. Through the example of Pingouin of Punto Tombo, it gaves us the conviction that every action are substituable, as product are with money and that in our society a new balance need to be found between environnement and economy.  

With a background in economy and environment, we started to build the framework required to capture externalities in the reporting and financial communication of the company. The aim is to build a framework, propose it and diffuse it.

Now I am looking for collaboration, to continue and explore the different possibilities offered by the balance of externalities, and the way to diffuse it through corporation and economic world.

The objective of the website is to explain an approach which consists in building a balance of externalities, transposable to the financial field.

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Accounting for externalities:


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